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3480, 3490, 3490e, 3590, 18 track, 36 track, 128 track MP Tape and Fujitsu Tape Drives

CPU Inc. is a worldwide distributor of 3480, 3490, 3490E and 3590 series 18 - 256 track tape drives from a variety of leading manufacturers including Fujitsu, MP Tapes, JVC, Tandem, and others.

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3480 Tape Drives
18, 36 Track
3490 Tape Drives
18, 36 Track
3490E Tape Drives
18, 36 Track
3590 Tape Drives
128, 256 track

Call 1-800-278-3480 or fax 1-480-827-9080
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Company Info

CPU Inc. (Computer Peripherals Unlimited, Inc.) is a leading distributor of tape drives, tape libraries and tape media. We offer products from Fujitsu, HP, Qualstar, Quantum, Exabyte, Sony, M4-Data, Tandberg and many others. Our product list includes 3480, 3490, 3490E, and 3590 tape drives, as well as 9 tracks, AIT, DLT, LTO, and more.

At CPU Inc we also have expert disk and data conversion services available as well as disk and data conversion software.

Thank you for visiting our site. If you have any questions or would like information about a specific product or service, please click here to send us an e-mail or call us at 1-800-278-3480.